Packing is very essential to any business like us. Since we are into product distribution, enclosing it will help our products protect from being damage. It also gives presentation and attraction to our customers.

How we pack our product?

As soon as our product salted duck egg arrives from our reputed source, we then carefully wiped each every egg. This way we could clean and wiped out tiny dusts or white spots that are sometimes visible on eggs. Since we are distributing to stores and supermarkets, ideally we are packing our salted duck eggs into four pieces per pack. Very convenient way of packing suitable for store shelves display.

4 pieces per pack

Our container tray is made of high grade hard plastic material. it is designed with a pressed-on-lack on the opening side, making sure it is safe from falling. Very durable and clear! Looking neat and presentable! An eye catchy to customers.

For the final packing, packed eggs are then placed in a carton box. Now ready for distribution!

Should you have inquiries about our packing, you may contact us directly at our business mobile numbers +63917 183 3640 or our telephone numbers +6335 419 5856. Thank you!