Our Eggs



Our eggs are the best! We have the best eggs to buy for your family.

When buying for your family, how do you choose egg that you think best for them? Is it the size or the freshness? Or is it the label or the brand? It is easier if we hold a little knowledge about how to choose egg. Our eggs has the best feature that you could consider buying it:

Considerably larger among other.

Clean and good grade shell.

Perfect savory taste. We continue traditions on how our salted duck eggs are made. A taste that have been patronized by our customers.

Comes from trusted and reputed duck egg farm industry.

Carefully packed nicely in a good quality trays.

Safe, fresh, clean and affordable.

Moreover, everyone is seeking what is best for their families. Choosing best is a great gesture to show how much we love them. Don’t hold back if you already know what is best, consider it now. Make your family happy with our savory taste eggs whether for regular meal or for occasions, or just simply satisfying their crave.

Should you have inquiries, you may contact us directly at our business mobile numbers +63917 183 3640 or our telephone numbers +6335 419 5856.