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All time best recipe!

all time best recipe!

What is your all time best recipe with Salted Duck Egg?

Nowadays, there’s a lot of recipes have been created with salted duck egg. It is even used as condiments to dishes in high end restaurant cuisines in Asia and to some part of the world. Some used it as flavoring to ice creams. Making a unique combined taste of sweet and salty.

Since the day Chinese introduce it to us, it’s also been in our culture and has famously known to us as “Itlog Maalat’ or “Itlog na Pula”. Even there are already many recipes available out there. I’ll still stick to the all time best recipe, the “Salted Egg Salad”. May it be ordinary and simplest recipe but for me it’s the all time best recipe!

Here’s a recipe for you that you can prepare for your family.


5 to 6 pieces salted duck egg chopped into pieces, 1 medium size onion (minced medium), 3 large size tomatoes chopped, and vinegar (amount as desired). As a twist, you can add 1 piece cucumber (chopped as desired shape), 2 pieces grilled or boiled eggplant, and small dried fish (fried).

Procedure: The procedure is very easy, you’ll just mix everything in a bowl except for the vinegar which you will add last.

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Our Salted Duck Egg is the best!

Our Salted Duck Egg is the best!

Our Salted Duck Egg is the best! We have the best salted egg to buy for your family.

When buying for your family, how do you choose egg that you think best for them? Is it the size or the freshness? Or is it the label or the brand? It is easier if we hold a little knowledge about how to choose egg. Our Salted Egg has the best feature that you could consider buying it:

> Considerably larger among other salted egg.

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Moreover, everyone is seeking what is best for their families. Choosing best is a great gesture to show how much we love them. Don’t hold back if you already know what is best, consider it now. Make your family happy with our savory Salted Egg whether for regular meal or for occasions, or just simply satisfying their crave. Buy now and tell them “Our Salted Duck egg is the best!”

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Origin of Salted Duck Egg

origin of salted duck egg

How Salted Duck Egg started?

When we mentioned egg, what comes in your mind? We immediately associate egg as from chicken or from hen. And are commonly for breakfast. According to Wikipedia there are eggs that are from different animal groups and one major group is the Bird. So it means not only from chicken or hen but there are more. One of the identified egg is from duck. Yes from duck, but can we eat it? Yes 100% safe to eat! It is best known as “Salted Duck Egg” or “Itlog Maalat” in tagalog which means salty egg. But what is the story behind it?

Originally it is from Asia and were develop by Chinese since 6th century. It is preserved and extend it’s life for food stock consumption. Up to this day it is still mainly consumed for food and use as ingredients for home and restaurant dishes in Asia. It is believed that even before Spaniards came, making and eating salted egg already existed in the Philippines. It came through during the trading system period between our locals and Chinese traders who came here very long time ago. Among the places where it were first introduced is Pateros in Manila. Famously known the ‘Egg Town Industry’ of the Philippines.

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How salted duck egg is made?

How salted duck egg is made?

Do you know how salted duck egg is made? This section will give you background about the process to how salted egg is made.

The process of making Salted Egg is called “Brining“. After duck laid it’s eggs, it is then harvested in preparation for brining. Next step, making the brine solution. It is made of mud clay from termite mound mixed with salt having an equal part ratio of 50:50 to form the solution. Now the curing process, fresh duck eggs are now carefully dipped one by one into the brine solution. And set aside for curing period upto eighteen days. Why mud? Actually its a special mud from termite mound or “nunu sa punso” in tagalog. Mud helps hold the salt, makes cooling effect for the egg and eventually the saltiness will get through the egg into it’s pores. Duck egg has bigger pores than other kind of eggs. That’s why ideal eggs to make salted is from ducks.

In this process Osmosis will happen. What is Osmosis? It’s a continues movement of melting molecules through a semi permeable membrane. Causing balance of the concentrated brine solution between salt and the mud.

During the curing period for eighteen (18) days, saltiness will get through enough to make savory taste Salted Duck Egg. After 18 days, eggs are pulled out and thoroughly washed to take away the mud. Then it is cooked in boiling water for 8 to 10 hours. Lastly, once cooked it is now ready for dying to make it color red. And we now have a freshly made savory Salted Duck Egg!

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Why salted duck egg?

Why Salted Duck Egg?

Why salted duck egg? Salted Duck Eggs are usually steam or boiled. In some Asian Cuisine Salted duck Eggs are eaten as a condiment in Congee because it adds flavor. It is also added in salad vegetables to blend its saltiness to delights taste buds. It is even served in breakfast paired up with dried fish to have a fulfilling morning meal.

Why salted duck egg? Salted duck eggs are also rich in protein, essential in fatty acids and minerals. That’s why eating salted duck eggs is a body building component to boost your body and be energized. According to the studies, the recommended daily amount based on an average adult is one (1) duck egg equivalent to 25%. With the Vitamins A and B12 on the eggs it protects against heart disease and even cancer.

It even protects our sight and improves eye vision. Because of Vitamins A and B nutrition content it helps prevent any related eye disease. And it’s a powerful antioxidants or cleanser enhancing our bodies uses of its vital micro nutrients. Studies also proves that salted duck egg can prevent Anemia. It has high iron component around 2.7 milligrams, which can help prevent symptoms of Anemia.