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All time best recipe!

all time best recipe!

What is your all time best recipe with Salted Duck Egg?

Nowadays, there’s a lot of recipes have been created with salted duck egg. It is even used as condiments to dishes in high end restaurant cuisines in Asia and to some part of the world. Some used it as flavoring to ice creams. Making a unique combined taste of sweet and salty.

Since the day Chinese introduce it to us, it’s also been in our culture and has famously known to us as “Itlog Maalat’ or “Itlog na Pula”. Even there are already many recipes available out there. I’ll still stick to the all time best recipe, the “Salted Egg Salad”. May it be ordinary and simplest recipe but for me it’s the all time best recipe!

Here’s a recipe for you that you can prepare for your family.


5 to 6 pieces salted duck egg chopped into pieces, 1 medium size onion (minced medium), 3 large size tomatoes chopped, and vinegar (amount as desired). As a twist, you can add 1 piece cucumber (chopped as desired shape), 2 pieces grilled or boiled eggplant, and small dried fish (fried).

Procedure: The procedure is very easy, you’ll just mix everything in a bowl except for the vinegar which you will add last.

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