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Why salted duck egg?

Why Salted Duck Egg?

Why salted duck egg? Salted Duck Eggs are usually steam or boiled. In some Asian Cuisine Salted duck Eggs are eaten as a condiment in Congee because it adds flavor. It is also added in salad vegetables to blend its saltiness to delights taste buds. It is even served in breakfast paired up with dried fish to have a fulfilling morning meal.

Why salted duck egg? Salted duck eggs are also rich in protein, essential in fatty acids and minerals. That’s why eating salted duck eggs is a body building component to boost your body and be energized. According to the studies, the recommended daily amount based on an average adult is one (1) duck egg equivalent to 25%. With the Vitamins A and B12 on the eggs it protects against heart disease and even cancer.

It even protects our sight and improves eye vision. Because of Vitamins A and B nutrition content it helps prevent any related eye disease. And it’s a powerful antioxidants or cleanser enhancing our bodies uses of its vital micro nutrients. Studies also proves that salted duck egg can prevent Anemia. It has high iron component around 2.7 milligrams, which can help prevent symptoms of Anemia.

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