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Origin of Salted Duck Egg

origin of salted duck egg

How Salted Duck Egg started?

When we mentioned egg, what comes in your mind? We immediately associate egg as from chicken or from hen. And are commonly for breakfast. According to Wikipedia there are eggs that are from different animal groups and one major group is the Bird. So it means not only from chicken or hen but there are more. One of the identified egg is from duck. Yes from duck, but can we eat it? Yes 100% safe to eat! It is best known as “Salted Duck Egg” or “Itlog Maalat” in tagalog which means salty egg. But what is the story behind it?

Originally it is from Asia and were develop by Chinese since 6th century. It is preserved and extend it’s life for food stock consumption. Up to this day it is still mainly consumed for food and use as ingredients for home and restaurant dishes in Asia. It is believed that even before Spaniards came, making and eating salted egg already existed in the Philippines. It came through during the trading system period between our locals and Chinese traders who came here very long time ago. Among the places where it were first introduced is Pateros in Manila. Famously known the ‘Egg Town Industry’ of the Philippines.

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