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How salted duck egg is made?

How salted duck egg is made?

Do you know how salted duck egg is made? This section will give you background about the process to how salted egg is made.

The process of making Salted Egg is called “Brining“. After duck laid it’s eggs, it is then harvested in preparation for brining. Next step, making the brine solution. It is made of mud clay from termite mound mixed with salt having an equal part ratio of 50:50 to form the solution. Now the curing process, fresh duck eggs are now carefully dipped one by one into the brine solution. And set aside for curing period upto eighteen days. Why mud? Actually its a special mud from termite mound or “nunu sa punso” in tagalog. Mud helps hold the salt, makes cooling effect for the egg and eventually the saltiness will get through the egg into it’s pores. Duck egg has bigger pores than other kind of eggs. That’s why ideal eggs to make salted is from ducks.

In this process Osmosis will happen. What is Osmosis? It’s a continues movement of melting molecules through a semi permeable membrane. Causing balance of the concentrated brine solution between salt and the mud.

During the curing period for eighteen (18) days, saltiness will get through enough to make savory taste Salted Duck Egg. After 18 days, eggs are pulled out and thoroughly washed to take away the mud. Then it is cooked in boiling water for 8 to 10 hours. Lastly, once cooked it is now ready for dying to make it color red. And we now have a freshly made savory Salted Duck Egg!

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