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Welcome to JVF General Merchandise Home Page. Thank you for visiting us. Are you looking for egg products? You are in the right place!

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Our Salted Duck Egg is the Best!

Our Salted Duck Egg is the best! We have the best salted egg to buy for your family.

When buying for your family, how do you choose egg that you think best for them? Is it the size or the freshness? Or is it the label or the brand? It is easier if we hold a little knowledge about…

Why Salted Duck Egg?

Why salted duck egg? Salted Duck Eggs are usually steam or boiled. In some Asian Cuisine Salted duck Eggs are eaten as a condiment in Congee because it adds flavor. It is also added in salad vegetables to blend its saltiness to delight takes buds. It is even served in breakfast paired up with dried fish to have a fulfilling morning meal.

How salted duck egg is made?

The process of making Salted Egg is called “Brining“. After duck laid it’s eggs, it is then harvested in preparation for brining. Next step, making the brine solution. It is made of mud clay from termite mound mixed with salt having an equal part ratio of 50:50 to form the solution. Now the curing process, fresh duck eggs are now carefully dipped one by one into the brine solution. And set aside for curing period upto eighteen days.

Origin of Salted Duck Egg

When we mentioned egg what comes in your mind? We immediately associate egg as from chicken or from hen. And are commonly for breakfast. According to Wikipedia there are eggs that are from different animal groups and one major group is the Bird. So it means not only from chicken or hen but there are more…

All time best recipe!

What is your all time best recipe with Salted Duck Egg?

Nowadays, there’s a lot of recipes have been created with salted duck egg. It is even used as condiments to dishes in high end restaurant cuisines in Asia and to some part of the world. Some used it as flavoring to ice creams. Making a unique combined taste of sweet and salty.

Welcome to JVF General Merchandise Home Page. Thank you for visiting us. Are you looking for egg products? You are in the right place!

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